Xbox Series X|S Important Information

Stock Availability

Please keep an eye on our Social channels and Website for updates on stock availability. We would also encourage you to keep up to date with the social channels of Sony and Microsoft. Our Customer Service team do not have any advance information on future stock availability. 

Xbox Series X|S Stock - If you ordered on 10th November 2020 

If you successfully ordered an Xbox Series X or S on Tuesday 10th November 2020 your order will be delivered by the 18th December 2020. Our Customer Service team are unable to advise on a specific date as this is not yet known. Please keep checking your emails for updates on the progress of your order. 

Store Pre-Orders

Pre-ordered in Store and missed Pre-Purchase in England? 

If you were unable to complete pre-purchase in-Store before the Lockdown took effect in England on the 5th November we would like to reassure you that we will keep your pre-order ready for you to come in and purchase once they reopen. 

In Store pre-orders can not be converted to online orders! 

Unfortunately we are unable to convert in-store pre-orders to online orders. If stock is available online you can place a new online order and then return to store to have your deposit refunded once they reopen.  


Online Pre-Orders

Had to checkout as a Guest - can my order be added to my order history? 

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to link your order to you GAME account so that it shows in your order history. 

Had to checkout as a Guest - what about my points? 

Due to technical issues experienced on our website we are aware that a number of our customers were unable to checkout as a registered account holder when the new consoles went live for pre-order. We are sorry for this experience and our teams have been working hard to resolve  technical issues. 

We would like to assure you that you will not miss out on the points you will be able to contact our Customer Service team to add these once payment has been successfully processed for your order. 

Order Confirmation Emails 

If your order has been successful you will automatically receive an Order Confirmation email to the email address that you used to place your order. This usually arrives within 15 minutes of placing your order however, at busy times this may take longer. Please continue to check your junk/spam folders as well as your inbox. 

If you are a registered customer you can login in to you GAME Account and check that your order is showing in My Orders.  

If you checked out as a Guest customer please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to confirm your order status. 

Order Cancellations 

All customer orders are subject to review and on some occasions whilst reviewing your order our risk and security processes come across issues which prevent us from billing and shipping your order.  

We understand that this can be very frustrating however, there are several reasons why this might happen. For your privacy these reasons are not shared with GAME so our Customer Service team are unable to advise on the reasons why.  

Some examples of why orders are rejected include; issues with the billing/shipping addresses provided, the particular card you used to place the order or the email address linked to your account.  

We would encourage you to review all your details and try placing the order again. 

Updating Delivery Details 

If you have concerns about where your order is being delivered to for release day then if you have a GAME Account you can view your order in My Orders. You are able to amend your delivery address details and payment details right up until we process payment for your order which is usually up to 7 working days before release day. If you checked out as a Guest customer, please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to confirm your details and make any amends in advance of payment being taken.  

Updating Email Details 

If you have ordered with an incorrect email address and wish to have this checked and updated please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to try to assist you with this.  


Xbox All Access

Couldn't complete my journey as the website holding page went up? 

An email will be sent to you on the 6th of November outlining the steps you need to take to complete your journey. Please continue to check your junk/spam folders as well as your inbox. 

Credit Application Queries/Direct Debit Queries? 

In the first instance we would ask you to contact Klarna to understand the status of your Credit Application. GAME do not have visibility of this and therefore our Customer Service team are unable to answer any questions.  

Please visit Klarna for more information and their Customer Service contact details. Klarna will be contacting customers directly by email who have been impacted by technical reasons. Please check your junk/spam folders as well as your inbox 

Upgrading Online 

We are aware that some customers have experienced technical issues whilst trying to complete the upgrade journey online. We are working to resolve these however please ensure that you have the following information: 

Visit XBOX ALL ACCESSUPGRADE TO XBOX SERIES X|S FAQ to find out how upgrades work 

Check that you have the correct email address and serial number of the console that was purchased at GAME with Xbox All Access 

If you are struggling to locate your serial number you can find it on the original box, the label on your console or on the console info screen in Settings.

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