What can I sell to GAME?

The following items can be traded in online:

  • Selected Phones
  • Selected Tablets
  • Selected PlayStation 4 games
  • Selected Xbox One games
  • Selected Nintendo Switch games

The following items can also be traded in via a GAME store:

  • Selected Phones
  • Selected Tablets
  • Selected Beats headphones, smart watches, e-readers and iPods
  • Selected PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games, consoles and accessories
  • Selected Toys to life figures
  • Selected VR headsets

If you can’t find your item on our website, we recommend you visit your local GAME store who may be able to offer you a value for your items. 

Please note: we no longer accept retro consoles and games (including PlayStation 2, GameCube, Gameboy, or older).