What is Disc Repair

Disc Repair is a service we offer our customers in-store to repair scratched discs. They don’t have to have been bought from GAME. If you have a disc that needs repairing, we can help.

Key benefits:

  • Repair scratched discs
  • Not just for games. Disc repair is also available for music CDs, DVDs & Blu Rays

How does it work?

Simply take your disc(s) into your local GAME store as ask to have your disc repaired. Depending on the severity of the scratches, the process can take anything from 2-8 minutes per disc to repair using our repair machine.

How much does it cost?

£2.99 per disc repair or 3 disc repairs for £5

£1 per disc if cleaning for trade in

What if my disc cannot be repaired?

Some discs may be too damaged to repair and our sales staff will advise this prior to a repair attempt, in the instance where you consent to continue with a repair and the disc is still damaged post the process then the original repair fee will still be charged

What cannot be repaired under by Disc Repair?

Memory cards and cartridges are not covered


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