How do I sign-up to a GAME Reward account?

To become a GAME Reward member you can sign-up in several ways:


  • In store: You can either download the GAME App (this creates a GAME Account which includes GAME Reward and GAME Wallet) or you can sign up at the till in-store, however, this will only be a Reward Account. If you decide to create a GAME Account, you will need to link your Reward Card to the account during registration. For more details check out our GAME Account FAQ.
  • Online: You can either sign-up for a GAME Account here or, when you complete a transaction online simply decide on a password & create a GAME Account (we will create and link a reward account to it for you too).
  • At home: Download the GAME App, if don’t already have a reward account, it will create one for you. If you do have an account or card you can simply link it to the App during registration.